Certified Professional Forensic Accountant - CPFAcct


CPFAcct Certificate Course


Certified Professional Forensic Accountant - CPFAcct - is the premier designation of Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants. This designation is ideal for those working in the accounting arena who would like a forensic accounting designation or for those who would like to upgrade their skills.


This program is delivered by our approved learning centre - Brentwood Open Learning College. BOLC is one of the UK's leading online and distance learning platforms specialising in online learning and Open College courses. 


The Diploma in Forensic Accounting - Level 5 course must be successfully completed in order to qualify for the CPFacct designation.


Course Details


You will study the effects of financial crime on the economy and learn about the psychology of the fraudster plus a detailed breakdown of the investigative process.  Detect the signs of fraud and conduct a thorough fraud risk assessment framework and interview witnesses.  Fulfil all Essential Forensic Accounting Certification requirements with this advanced diploma and explore a world of career prospects. Sign up for this diploma now.


Course Syllabus


The syllabus consists of the following 12 units.


  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Forensic Accounting
  • Unit 2 - Crime and Economy
  • Unit 3 - Psychology of The Fraudster
  • Unit 4 - Fraud Detection Techniques
  • Unit 5 - The Investigative Process
  • Unit 6 - Gathering Evidence
  • Unit 7 - Obtaining & Evaluating Non-Financial Evidence
  • Unit 8 - Interviewing Financially Sophisticated Witnesses
  • Unit 9 - Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Unit 10 - Fraud Prevention
  • Unit 11 - Computer Crimes
  • Unit 12 - Working in A Forensic Team




The course has been endorsed under the ABC Awards and Certa Awards Quality Licence Scheme.