Certificate in Forensic Accounting

Entry requirements

The course seeks to accept suitably qualified applicants who are deemed to be able to engage in postgraduate level study and can reasonably be expected to successfully complete the course of study. This will normally be demonstrated by the achievement of a good first degree or equivalent and good academic references.

Applications are also encouraged from students who may not hold a first degree but have equivalent professional qualifications and sufficient work experience in a supervisory or managerial capacity. Normally relevant work experience equivalent to three years would be required for this entry route.

Applicants with no formal degree or professional level qualification may be accepted in exceptional circumstances, where they have had substantial business experience in a managerial capacity.


About the course

This course is offered in a variety of formats – including online, DVD, and text – each allowing students to conveniently meet certification requirements while gaining knowledge that will help them excel in their professions.


The completed application form can be forwarded to us via email at or FAX at 604 687 1221. The student registration fee is US$150.00. Register online for each module.

Please note that a student must register with the Institute before taking online courses through our course provider Bisk Education CPEasy.

You can study any module in any sequence of your choice, although we recommend that you complete Forensic Accounting (Code ONL 2594) before proceeding to Advanced Forensic Accounting (Code ONL 5484). A fee is paid for each module to our course content provider Bisk Education CPEasy.  Enrollment into each course can be done online at  or by calling 800-874-7877, extension 4338.

Members receive 10% discount on every module they purchase.

Enter the ICFA Online Portal

The CertFA (Certificate in Forensic Accounting) course is in five segments.

ONL 2594: Forensic Accounting
CPE5482B: Advanced Forensic Accounting
ONL 2734: Internal Controls: Theory & Practice
ONL 7194: Introduction to Litigation Services
ONL 5424: Advanced Fraud Techniques

Plus : Capstone Program

On successful completion of the above CPFA program, you will be awarded the CertFA - (Certificate in Forensic Accounting ).


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